Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Indescribable Moments

I'm sitting on top of Dragon's Tooth in Virginia, with a complete 360 degree view. The valleys and the mountain sides are covered with every imaginable shade of green, the sun is beating down, the sky is bright blue with some huge, fluffy clouds. Laying back, I rest my head in a depression in the rocks, spread my arms out to the side and just feel. I am in the moment. I feel connected to everything and have never felt so connected in my life. I don't remember ever feeling this good. This moment in time will be remembered as a favorite.

Today in one of my classes, we talked about indescribable moments. An indescribable moment is an experience in your life that has moved you in some way, yet, you struggle with the words to describe the meaning behind the moment. It is a type of experience that everyone has had at one point or another.

These types of moments or memories can have the sense of being spiritual experiences. They allow you to look deeper within yourself and see yourself from a different perspective. These moments are also a way to get to know other people at a deeper level, especially when you feel the pull of their story as they are telling it. (Have you ever been pulled into a story so much so that when the story ended, you looked up and it took a few seconds to 'get back to reality?')

Much of Paganism tends to be about taking in the feeling of the moment and letting yourself realize your surroundings. It relies a lot on intuition and feeling, but at the same time, sensory experiences. Looking back at my recent exercises with the elements, I noticed that many of the items on my lists for Air, Fire , Water, and Earth had to do with sensory input. However, most of the items are on my lists because of the feeling behind the memories.

I think that these types of experiences are important in one's life because they demonstrate the type of person that you are, they influence your reactions to different situations, and show the connections that you have within your life.


Luna said...

Are you familiar with the writings of Longinus or Immanuel Kant? What you've described is often called "sublime." Longinus is the first to have attempted a description of the sublime, to my knowledge, and Kant wrote "On Intellectual Beauty," which also treats the subject.

The sublime moment causes the individual to experience transcendence of the mundane. So, in addition to having your sensory experiences of the elements, you've connected to something beyond, something spiritual, indescribable, as you call it.

Sojourner said...

I know of their writings, but have not read any of their writings. I will have to check them out.