Monday, November 06, 2006

I Am Connected: Air

Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The what and why of elements is basic level information that every beginning Pagan learns soon after starting to follow this path. We see many charts and lists regarding the "correspondents" of the elements and what they represent and what they can be represented by. While there are common representations that most people use within ritual, have you ever sat down and thought about how the elements have influenced or been a part of your life?

I started thinking about this after something that I was reading regarding transpersonal psychology in which the author was talking about his experiences with each of the elements. It hit home and I realized that I, too, have had many experiences with the elements but had never thought to focus on them as something that connects me to the elements.

How I am connected to Air:

  • Standing on top of a mountain and feeling the cooling breeze after a three hour hike in the summer heat.
  • A child's secret whispered into my ear
  • Air filing my lungs as I take in a deep breath
  • Watching prayer flags fluttering at Devil's Tower
  • Watching the smoke from incense curl as it rises
  • Seeing my breath on a cold winter's day
  • Climbing up Max Patch Mountain in North Carolina and almost being knocked over by the wind
  • Flying kites, especially my favorite type - linked two line stunt kites
  • Laying down in the grass, looking up at the clouds trying to decide what the shapes remind me of (best when done in the company of a friend)
  • Daydreaming


Autumn said...

When I took my practical magic class, we did some exercise similar to that..It really makes you think when you start connecting with the different elements..Very nice post

Steph said...

Excellent! I've recently been trying to connect to Fire more and this looks like a great exercise.

Sojourner said...

Thanks, Autumn. I have been enjoying this process of realizing my own connections with the elements.

Steph - This exercise has gotten me to think more about fire as well. I will be posting about the other elements over the next few days.