Friday, November 03, 2006

Scribe Jamboree 11/03/06

It's time to highlight some great posts from other members of the Daily Scribe!

Dave from Mindful Mission is having trouble finding a job that is meaningful to him and thinks that his undergraduate degree in biblical studies may be what is holding him back from some jobs. It is too bad that we have to worry about being judged by our religious affiliations in different aspects of our lives. I wish Dave the best in his job hunting.

Susan Cooper's young adult series "Dark Is Rising" is being made into a movie! Jason at the The Wild Hunt has the scoop.

Tim at Pop Occulture had this to say about Halloween costumes and an insight he had while attending a party.

Mike from Unknowing Mind gives us a poem as he waits for the bus.

CK of Arbitrary Marks successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, CK!

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