Sunday, May 29, 2005



Main Entry: gast·blog·schaft
Pronunciation: ‘gäst-blog-shäft Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -en
1 a :
responsibility for hospitable treatment, or response, exhibited by a blogger to readers’ comments 1 b : a blogger’s respect for readers that includes a commitment to accuracy; a tendency to respond to readers’ comments with consideration and a level of respect commensurate with that expressed by readers
2 : a blog commentor’s reciprocal responsibility to comment with the courtesy and respect shown by the blogger
3 : the aura or atmosphere of fun, engaging interaction created by such commitments to respect by bloggers and readers

Orignial Source: Bernulf from Expanding Inward who has this to say about the creation of this term:

*my thanks to Webster’s OnLine for the format, Sojourner for some of the ideas for requirements, and to Hrafnkell for providing the encouragement to see this definition through (using a pre-existing definition is one thing, creating a new one, even a small one such as this, can be an interesting challenge)!

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