Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Why am I doing this blog?

I have always been interested in the what and the why of other peoples’ beliefs. Did they grow up with that tradition/religion? Did they leave behind the one of their childhood to take up another? What made them chose the one they now practice and believe in? What are the differences between belief systems? What are the similarities? What is the history behind the individual religions?

One tradition/religion that has always intrigued me is paganism. Although I do not consider myself pagan, I have spent many years collecting books, reading, studying about many different religions, but especially paganism. I have never been consistent about my study and slowly lose my knowledge of it over time until another round of renewed interest. Consider me interested once more.

My interest peaked again due to a conversation I had with a college classmate months back, but I just didn’t have any time to pursue it until now. Our conversation started with an overview of how we felt as non-traditional students in a university full of teens. As conversations do, it soon morphed into talk about traditions and then to traditions in religions and then religions themselves.

Although I would like to learn about all religions, I currently don’t have time to research them all. Eventually, I may start other blogs based on other religions as my curiosity peaks about them. For now I will start will paganism. I have decided to dedicate this next year to the study of this tradition. Why a year? you may ask. Because paganism revolves around nature and the seasons among other reasons.

Currently, I have no intention of learning about paganism to bring the practice of it into my life. I just have the need and desire to learn about it and explore it through connections: connections with history, connections with other religions, connections of community. I also have a need and desire to understand it from a psychological viewpoint, as yes, I am a psych student. The psychological aspect of religion, any religion, is in my opinion, what brings people to the practice of religion in the first place.

Sometimes this blog will contain almost research-like papers about different subjects that I am currently interested in knowing about. Sometimes it will contain my thoughts on my journey. Sometimes it will contain links to interesting sites I find on the web. Whatever I include, I hope you enjoy following my journey.

I ask that you, as the viewer, please be respectful with any comments or suggestions you send my way. I have intentionally left out mention of my religious/spiritual beliefs and ask that you don’t try to push yours onto me. No one likes to be told what to do, especially by well-meaning (or not so well-meaning) strangers. I will be educating myself about this religion whether you approve or disapprove based on your own beliefs. And keep in mind, you still don’t know what I believe. It might just be the same thing you believe!

I have chosen to go by the name of Sojourner, as that is what I am doing. I am taking an intellectual journey. I am a seeker. I seek to understand the world around me through the eventually understanding of religion.

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Eight said...

this is very interesting. i grew up pagan and just recently introduced ritual into my life. i don't know if i'm a pagan or not due to my difficulty believing in godlike figures.. doing group ritual has given me my own understanding of organized religion. it is comforting to be around people once in awhile who have like-minds. having a community that cares about you and sends you and your loved ones positive energy is really wonderful.

-end ramble