Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Am Connected: Earth

Continuing with my exploration of connection with the elements. My other posts regarding connections with the elements are here with Air, Fire, and Water.

The element of Earth is another element that I tend feel familiar and comfortable with. I spend much of my free time outdoors including the two years in a row that I spent a significant amount of time on the Appalachian Trail. I find that my friends describe me as being "down to earth."

(The picture is of Dragon's Tooth near Roanoke, Virginia on the AT. I took the picture a few moments before I climbed to the top in 2003.)

What earth means to me:

  • Picking up a pebble in Georgia and walking it 2000+ miles to Maine along the Appalachian Trail
  • Agates found along the North Shore of Lake Superior
  • Making a Dorodango , a pastime of Japanese school children
  • Walking barefoot along the shore of Lake Superior, feeling the small rocks that have been tumbled by the waves.
  • Eating good food that has been harvested from my garden
  • Laying in a grassy meadow after a 10 hour day of hiking
  • Climbing up to the top of Dragon's tooth on the AT
  • The feeling of being "grounded"
  • Being described as a "down to earth" person
  • My rocks and agates that are on my alter, bookshelves, wall shelves
  • Jewelery making using beads of wood, semi-precious gemstones, metals
  • Planting a few pumpkin seeds and watching the plants take over my garden
  • Geodes
  • Indoor plants - bringing a little of the outdoors, indoors

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