Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Am Connected: Water

I would have to say that water is one of my "favorite" elements. I love the sound of rushing water and waves. I feel most at home when I am near a body of water. That could have something to do with growing up in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes."

What water means to me:

  • Sitting next to a stream, listening to it rush over the rocks
  • The first thaw in the spring
  • Lake Superior, my favorite body of water to sit by
  • Feeling cool water go down my throat and into my stomach
  • A lazy summer day with friends playing at a hidden swimming hole on the North Shore of Lake Superior
  • Washing and cleansing
  • Taking hot water out on a well below zero temp day (such as -30) and throwing it in the air. The water freezes instantly.
  • Movement, water is always on the move
  • Seeing the surface of Lake Superior still as glass
  • Kayaking under Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior
  • Rehydrating camping food
  • Waterfalls
  • Watching a storm sweep across the open land in Wyoming. You can see the storm coming for miles!
  • Watching the rain of a downpour from the shelter of a porch or a Appalachian Trail sleeping shelter
  • The two liters of water that I carry with me at all times
  • The water that I added to the bowl at the UU church that I attend during the welcome back service. (The water in the bowl was from the places that people had travelled during the summer and represented everyone coming back together. The water I added was from my trip through WY, CO, SD, and MN)
  • Staying up all night, just to see the first snow with my newly-transplanted California neighbor
  • Making Snow angles with anybody that is willing to be silly enough to lay in the cold, wet snow
  • Making snowmen and snow forts
  • Having a snowball fight

I could go on and on, really, but I will stop here.


Moonchild said...

Oh Exactly my experience with water, I am drawn to it too, among all elements, it soothes my ravaged soul, and when some people think it's weird I do "storm-watch", I just find the storm comforting <3

Stephanie said...

The two liters of water that I carry with me at all times

You and me both!

I think I like this one best of the series, of course water is my favorite of the elements.

L.A.PaganChick said...

I have a weird relationship with water. I love going to the ocean and such but since I can't swim I never get in the water...but I love to sit by and listen and watch it...very very relaxing..

But I do love to take hot showers! ;-)

Sojourner said...

When I lived in Virginia, every time I had the chance to go the ocean, I would. I loved to go swimming but there was another purpose, too - the salt water was great for dreadlocks. :)

Penguin said...

Split Rock - beautiful there. I think it is insightful of you to include snow in your Water thoughts. I find steam to be my best connection with water.

Sojourner said...

How could a Minnesotan not include snow. :) When you mentioned steam, the first thing that I thought about was a nice, hot shower.