Friday, November 10, 2006

Scribe Jamboree 11/10/06

It is time to highlight some posts by my fellow Scribes! Please check them out!

Jill at JVoices talks about her recent viewing of the movie Borat and how it is a satire of the United States, not Kazhakstan.

What is truly skillful teaching? Mike at Unknowing Mind fills us in on the Buddhist approach.

Scribes get political! There was much talk about voting and politics this week: The Mindful Mission, JewSchool, A Pagan Sojourn, Arbitrary Marks, Yet Another Unitarian Universalist, and Blogickal. (Plus many more! Go on over to the Daily Scribe and check out the archives from the last few days!)


Angela-Eloise said...

The Daily Scribe seems to be down today. Any idea what's going on over there?

Sojourner said...

I noticed that the site was down this morning, also. However, the site is now back up and running.