Friday, November 17, 2006

Leonid Meteor Shower

This weekend is a great time to view the Leonid meteor shower. While peak activity is supposed to be tonight, the best night to view may be on the 20th. Why? There will be no moonlight to compete with the show in the sky.

An explanation of the name from StarDate:

The Leonids are named for the constellation Leo because they all appear to “rain” into Earth’s atmosphere from that direction. However, the meteors can streak across any portion of the sky, so you do not have to look toward Leo to see them.

For best viewing, make sure to get away from city lights. For best viewing time, try to go out after midnight. Here is a list of future meteor showers from Star Date, complete with peak date and moon phase.

I love watching meteor showers. I may have to brave the cold and go find a place to watch it tonight.