Friday, September 22, 2006

Scribe Jamboree 09/22/06

There have been so many good and/or fun posts this week at the Daily Scribe. So many that I couldn't leave it at just five. Enjoy!

I am not the only Scribe to comment on the recent comments made by the Pope. Check out what CK of Arbitrary Marks had to say regarding truthiness. Also check out her warning to Academics. Mark Goodacre, Yoseph Leib and Jonny Baker also chime in with their thoughts.

Chance Hunter of Making Chutney realizes that he's not going to become a vampire after his run-in with a woodland creature.

Netivat Sofrut fixes a Holy Scroll.

Play follow the link and see if you are also part of the Goth Culture like Brother Maynard of Subversive Influence.

And welcome to the Daily Scribes newest member - Tim Boucher of Pop Occulture.

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