Saturday, September 23, 2006

Autumn Equinox

Although I decided to celebrate Mabon on Thursday because of my obligations this weekend, I want to acknowledge the day. I also want to highlight what others have to say about the day:

Angela-Eloise talks about the myths of Mabon.

Arachne from Textual Arachne talks about how he/she celebrates the day.

Grian from Panthea talks about her tradition and the time of the Crone.

Nio from Solidly Average mentions that this day has brought rain and asks why.

Jason from the Wild Hunt has a wonderful post about the day.

Steph from The Witch Within wishes everyone a blessed Harvest Home.

Turtleheart from Turtleheart Cove speaks of balance and gives us some information from her BOS.

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Stephanie said...

Happy Autumn to you!