Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Rabbits Are Hoppin'

A few days ago, I was reminded that it was spring time - by the rabbits (or hares) in my yard, of all things. It seems that they really like my backyard. I'm guessing they have settled here because it surrounded by a high privacy fence in which other animals are not able to get in to bother them. The rabbits, however, can get through two small holes in the fence. Quick like a bunny is taking on a whole new meaning. Fertility is the name of the game in the natural world this time of year, after all.

I may just have to turn off the security lights in the side and backyards as the rabbits are setting off the motion detectors.

Whether you celebrated Ostara yesterday or you celebrate today (depending on your time zone), I wish you a blessed day.


Jaspenelle Stewart said...

Bunnies new came around my parents house, but maybe that is because my family eats rabbit stew... Yikes.

;) Blessed Oestara!

Sojourner said...

LOL That would be a reason for them not to come around!

Hope you have a great holiday, too!

TurtleHeart said...

Happy Spring Equinox!

The wind moving the tree branches sets off our security lights. LOL

Paul said...

A blessed Oestara

Sojourner said...

Hope you are both having a great day!

Turtleheart - I was surprised the first time it happened. At least if someone decides to crawl up to my house army-style, I know the lights will still turn on. :)

Spider said...

Blessed Equinox .. What a lovely first day of spring !!!

Sojourner said...

Spider - I wish I could say that! It's been raining all day and there's been some bad weather in my area. I still went walking outside though. :)