Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pagan Blogs 3.20.07

There are so many new Pagan blogs that have been popping up recently. While I usually post the ones that I find at my links blog, I wanted to tell you about a few of them here.

First is Evoking the Goddess. Paul, from Yorkshire, GB, has a wonderful blog which focuses on dancing under the moon, local goddesses, and more dancing. There are some beautiful pictures on this site.

Next is Frost and Flame, a Heathen blog written by Frostbeard in Canada.

Next is Alone With The Gods, written by a solitary Witch. It is only two months old, but looks like there will be some interesting perspectives posted.

Birch grove, is written by "a Norse Pagan with kitchen-witch leanings," talks about Idun, Skadi, and Eir.

Last is Shift Your Spirits, written by Slade. He has a style of writing that is very insightful and seems to be another blogger that understands the concept of Gastblogschaft.


Mama Kelly said...

:::rubs hands together as eyes gleam:::

Just what I need for the next "Pagan Blogroll" update.

Thank you muchly


Mama Kelly

Sojourner said...

LOL Keep checking out my Pagan Links blog, as that is where I usually keep track of newer blogs. I find them all the time and I'm just starting to post them on a fairly regular basis.

There is some good stuff out there; I just hope that these newer blogs keep posting!

Erik said...

I just recently discovered Slade's blog via DruidJournal... good stuff.

Thanks for blogrolling me, BTW!

Sojourner said...

No problem, Erik! :)