Monday, January 22, 2007

Modern Myths And Pagan Minnesota

Come celebrate the winter season - Minnesota style. In other words, the St. Paul Winter Carnival is upon us! With the Carnival running for 10 days, Minnesotans have many opportunities to give up their need for a comfortable temperature and spend a few hours outdoors enjoying winter during one of the coldest months of the year.

What I find interesting about this local celebration of winter is it's set of myths, which were written in the 1930's. There is definitely a Pagan flavor to them. The legend behind the festivities of the St. Paul Winter Carnival starts with:

A long, long time ago, Astraious, the god of Starlight, and Eos, the goddess of the Rosy Fingered Morn, were wed. The union was blessed with five sons: Boreas, Titan, Euros, Zephyrus and Notos
This next week and half (or so) includes the pageantry of the Queen of the Snows and the Princesses, as well as the singing talent of Klondike Kate among part of the festivities. Another favorite activity, which started yesterday, is the treasure hunt with it's elaborate, daily clues. However, even though I have loved this local ritual of Minnesota since I was a child, I think I still fear the Vulcans.


Dream Angel said...

ive never been to the winter carnival! i think i am going to go this weekend...hmm i wonder what events are planned. well im excited for the ice maze!

Sojourner said...

You can go on the Winter Carnival website to find out what events they have as I think they should have them listed. Otherwise, pick up a paper and the events of the day should be listed.

Have Fun!