Saturday, January 27, 2007

Deaf Pagans

Have you ever wondered what issues arise for the deaf Pagan community? I found a new Pagan blog, called Deaf Pagan Crossroads, which gives us a fresh view on what it means to be Pagan.

However, because the blog is only about two months old , there are still a few bugs that need to be worked out and I admit that I had some trouble navigating it. Don't let this stop you from checking it out though, as you will miss out on a unique perspective. My main issue is that I couldn't find the archive links, so I ended up manually typing in the archive links. I hope that links to the archives will be added to the site soon.

Although the blog is young, it looks very promising and I hope it continues.


Elle said...

An interesting looking site. I have it bookmarked. Thanks for sharing.

Sojourner said...

Ocean has a good thing going on over there. I hope more people check it out.

Gin said...

Thank you for your kind words, both elle and sojourner.

I have noticed a few people have come to the site through A Pagan Sojourn, and I'm excited to see that the Pagan Community is responding to my blog. My goal is to create a true "crossroads" where both the Deaf Community and the Pagan Community can meet and learn from one another. It's nice to see that we are taking steps to make this happen!

Sojourner, I have taken your concerns into consideration and made a few changes to the blog site that hopefully will make it a bit easier to navigate. If anyone does have difficulty, send me an email!

I confess, my blogs tend to be LOOOONNNNNNGGGG. I would suggest you make yourself a nice pot of tea before you start reading ;)

~ Ocean

Sojourner said...

Ocean said: My goal is to create a true "crossroads" where both the Deaf Community and the Pagan Community can meet and learn from one another.

I think that you are doing a wonderful job at it so far. It is great for people to see Paganism from a multitude of viewpoints and your site helps to do just that.

Gin said...

By the way ~

At the risk of engaging in some shameless promotion here (and I humbly apologize for such)...

If people only read one blog on my site, I would recommend "On Being Deaf and Pagan" (which you can find in Archives #2) - I think this one really gets to the heart of what Deaf Pagan Crossroads is all about.

Mama Kelly said...

Thank you for the lead to a new site ... I am always on the lookout.


Mama Kelly

Sojourner said...

You're welcome. :) I enjoy finding new sites, too.