Saturday, December 16, 2006

Winter Solstice

Yesterday, Angela-Eloise over at Blogickal mentioned the Winter Solstice and it reminded me that the day is coming up quickly. As I have been bogged down with end of classes, papers, and finals I never stopped to check what day Yule falls on.

I was quite pleased to find out that I would still be near Duluth, MN and would be able to celebrate the day by getting up early and greeting the sun as it rises up above Lake Superior. Have you ever seen the sun come up over Lake Superior? It's gorgeous.

So next Friday, I will be somewhere along the lake shore watching the sun come up, celebrating the day. But that's not the only meaning that day holds for me. While I will spend a few hours exploring the area that I will watch the sun come up, I will soon be driving to my new home about three and half hours away.


Mama Kelly said...

watching the sunrise ... what a lovely way to celebrate the day!!

I will be working on the solstice and with preperation for Christmas the only celebration I have planned right now is to take part (along with hubby) in the Global Org. Day


Mama Kelly

neosnoia said...

Alas, I will be working this Solstice. However I do hope to participate in the raising of ecstatic energy later that day. *Blush*

Very very pretty change to the blog. Much easier to read too. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the change in your blog...I wish you many years of happiness in your new home...that must be exciting!

As for Yule, I will be celebrating it before I head back east to visit the fam...they are not pagan and so I will grit my teeth and play nice while they call christmas a christian holiday and sing "jesus" songs...I just might contribute a song myself but just to be difficult, I will sing it in german..;-)

Sojourner said...

I wanted to incorporate my photograpy into the header, as I have a lot of pictures that would work for this site. I just wish that I could figure out how to get the code to have a revolving set of pictures, meaning that each time you load the page, a new photo will show up. Anybody know how?

I had realized that the site was difficult for some people to read after a friend had mentioned it. Feel free to mention any problems that you have with the site at any time. You can mention it in the comments or you can email me.

neosnoia said...

You've got mail. :)

Sojourner said...

LOL Neosnoia - I'm not sure if you are just joking because of my last comment or telling me that you sent me something. If you sent me something, I didn't receive it.

neosnoia said...


I did send you something. I used the email listed on your blogger profile - knowledge underscore sojourn (at) hotmail. I'll send it again. :)

neosnoia said...

PS - You've been tagged for a blogging meme. Visit for the instructions.

Angela-Eloise said...

The new look is beautiful. Happy Yule and good luck with the move.