Saturday, December 23, 2006

What A Week!

I am now in my new home and working on getting settled in. Good thing I don't have to host any holiday gatherings! With boxes piled everywhere and nothing organized, I almost don't know where to start.

The Yule sunrise was a no-go. At dusk on Thursday, it starting misting. A few hours later the temperature dropped just enough for the roads to become solid sheets of ice. In a city like Duluth (think somewhat akin to San Fransisco), it is impossible to go anywhere when the roads are that icy. Going back to my apartment after a "we're graduating" celebration dinner with friends, I barely got up the smallest of hills. Then, at the top of the driveway to the parking lot of my apartment, I went around a slight curve and ended up doing a 540, stopping only because of my tires hitting the curb and ended up doing a bit of damage to my car. Damn.

I decided that I was not about to go back out on the roads unless the sunlight was able to melt the ice the next day. So I slept in and waited until I could get my vehicle checked out for the long drive to my new home.

This week has been quite the week. It starting with my computer setting on fire and having to rewrite two papers that were due (I stupidly did not back them up!). Ending with finals, graduating, spinning out and driving to my new home. What a week! It's time to relax and regroup.

One another note, Neosnoia tagged me for a meme. So here it is. If you would like to do the meme, as well, go for it. Leave a comment to let me know that you posted your answers. (Note: As I don't celebrate Christmas, I changed "Christmas" to "holidays."

1. List three things that you would like for the holidays.
2. List three things that you don't want for the holidays.
3. Finally, list the names of five fellow bloggers and inform them on their
own blogs that they have been tagged to do the same thing. They will then come
to your blog for the instructions. Then after they make their list, they have to
tag five bloggers, etc.

The three things that I want:

1. More time to read. I am ready to get back to the books that I actually
want to read and read them on the time schedule of my choice.
2. I want to find a job that involves using my degree.
3. Getting the chance to get to know some friends (new and old) on a
deeper, more authentic level.

The three things that I don't want:

1. I don't want to be woken up early by the pattering of (not-so-)little
feet. Let me sleep in, please.
2. I don't want a messy living space.
3. And I can't think of a third.

Again, tag yourself if you would like to participate!

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