Friday, September 08, 2006

Scribe Jamboree 09/08/06

It's time for The Daily Scribe Jamboree! There have been some interesting posts in the last week over at the Daily Scribe and I would like to point a few out to you all.

Holly at Hunger for Justice talks about a Christian magazine's attempt to redirect the country's attention on Ann Coulter by influencing the New York Times best sellers list. She says:

There is a place for prophetic witness in our Christian faith. But I don'’t believe prophetic action includes the buying a paperback book.

Mike at Unknowing Mind gives us Thich Nhat Hanh's steps for transforming feelings from the book Peace Is Every Step.

Adam at Pomomusings gloats that his wife is now wearing Crocs after refusing to let him wear them around her last summer. I know Crocs are all the rage now, but I'll stick to my old-school bright yellow Waldies without the heal strap that I used as camp shoes on the Appalachian Trail back in 2002. Besides, I don't like the whole Crocs/Waldies fight (read: lawsuit) that Crocs started so I don't support them.

And we have some new members at the Daily Scribe! Check out Kesher Talk and Way Out West. And of course, you know Nixie from Blogickal and Mike from Unkowing Mind, who recently finished a guest blogging stint here and were recently excepted into the membership at the Daily Scribe. Congrats to all new members!


Shawn Anthony said...

You know ... I think this blog can officially be tagged as the "Farm Team" for Scribe members. In other words, a whole slew of guest writers from this blog submitted apps to Scribe and our now members. :)

Hmmm ....

You have quite an eye for good writers Sojourner!

- Shawn

Shawn Anthony said...

Eh ... typo in my above comment. "Our" should be "are". My apologies.

Sojourner said...

Shawn - I will be will be doing another similar event soon, as I am going on another set of grad school visits. So keep an eye out for those writers as well. Speaking of that, I need to announce that and see if anybody is interested.

Thanks for the compliment!