Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Full Moon

I found myself drawn to the full moon tonight and was constantly looking at it while on my nightly walk. I watched a few sparse clouds pass in front of it, with the light shining through. It was beautiful. It made me think about another warm summer’s night, 11 years ago now, that I had also walked under a full moon.

I was walking near a big lake around with a friend discussing Paganism - what we knew about the religion and friends we knew who claimed Paganism as their religion. We were also discussing one other thing – whether I considered myself Pagan. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I know that I was close to calling myself Pagan at the time. That’s a story for another time.

Our conversations tended to turn our walks into two to three hour affairs, walking along the lake, into the neighborhood surrounding it, and back to the lake. We finally passed one of my favorite houses, the one that I looked forward to walking pass – a huge, white Victorian with an impressive flower garden.

That night, the house was brightly lit as there was a lively party inside, even though it was about 2 am and every house around them was silent. The garden in the front of the house was also bright, but with candlelight. I stopped to look as it was a beautiful sight. After a few seconds of following the pattern of candles with my eyes, I realized that that they had set up a giant pentagram of candles on their front lawn! I remember feeling amazed that the owners were so comfortable with the possibility that their neighbors would know their religious path, especially since it was such a conservative town.

As I walked tonight, I found myself wondering if the same people still live in that house, now a few hundred miles away, and if they are having a similar party this evening with the front yard brightly lit by a particular pattern of candles.


Autumn said...

I love the full moon. Something about it speaks to me in a way that can not be explained in words..I will often find myself outside gazing..wondering, knowing something much bigger than me is out there.

Penguin said...

Your story sounds wondrous! I wish I had the courage to light my yard that way.
I'd love to hear the story, about you being Pagan.
We could not see the Moon last night, so, I am sending out a request to see it tonight.
Thank you for sharing.

Elle said...

I made my declaration as a pagan some time ago in a newspaper article - I'd previously been interviewed about the challenges of living with an autistic child and the interviewer had noticed my altar. I remember how interested he was about it and came and did another article about paganism with me. I've never had any problems with coming out and even had people genuinely asking me for more information.

I'll look forward to reading your story of when you felt the call of the goddess; perhaps I'll share mine on my blog too :)

Sojourner said...

Autumn - I know exactly how you feel.

Penguin - I will be telling the story soon. I hope you get to see the moon tonight.

Elle- Wow! That is something that I would have difficulty doing, especially since reporters are finicky and you never know how your story would be portrayed. I look forward to reading about your experience if you decide to post your story.

BTW - Living with an autistic child is something that I have experience with as well. It is one of the reasons why I want to go into research - to find answers to some of my questions about autism.

Steph said...

It certainly was quote a powerful Moon last night. I found myself drawn outside frequently last night.

What an amazing sight that house and the candles must have made.

Niobium said...

I find that I am drawn more to Sun lately than Moon.

Moon was so very important to me because I worked evenings/nights for fifteen years. Now that I am on a day schedule Sun has become the predominate deity for me. And Sky.

Today is a *perfect* New England day. No clouds, bright Sun, warm but no hot and no humidity. You can hear all of Our Mother's creatures enjoying the day as me.

Bernulf said...

As a Heathen, I understand the Moon in two ways. First, of course, that it is Mani, the brother of the Sun, and son of Mundilfari - the one who is chased by the wolf, Hati. As such, seeing the Moon is a great comfort for me. The second way I understand the Moon is that it symbolizes Odin's right eye, his pledge to Mimir for a drink from his well, whereby he gained wisdom of hidden knowledge. I see the night sky as Mimir's Well, and the Moon as Odin's eye...and this also brings me comfort.

So I can understand anyone who has real enjoyment of seeing the Moon in his fullness.

Mike said...

Wonderful story! Too infrequently do I pause to look up at the moon and just take in its beauty. Thanks for the reminder of how necessary actions like that are. Really neat about the owners of that old Victorian house too.