Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Need Advice

I need some advice.

I have been looking at ways to move to my own website and how to do that without have to pay an arm and a leg. Although blogger is a great place for someone like me who doesn't know much about computers and wants to have a blog, I am feeling that it is time to move on to a different format.

What I am looking for is the ablility to have a few more features like categories but still be able to my own touches to the look of this blog. I have been looking at wordpress, but if I want to customize my template, I have to pay a yearly fee and find a host. At least that is my understanding.

And then I would have to find a way to customize the look of the blog without messing things up. I do want to learn more about this end of blogging but have no idea how to go about it.

So, to sum up what I am asking:

What have you done to customize your blog?
What host do you use?
What software do you use for your website?
How did you learn to customize your blog?

Thanks for any advice that you can give me!


Terrence said...

I have two blogs ( and

The White Wall, I host myself off my cable internet connection. It is not something most companies want you doing but you can if you have a fairly static IP address, my changes about once every 6-8 months. is my own domain, so you have to consider if you want to buy a domain (.com are really cheep) or get a free one/provided one. For the white wall I use a blogging software called MovableType. Its free with restrictions and you can find templates on line, this is what I did and then made some modifications. I have also looked at WordPress (which I would us if I was setting up a new blog). WordPress is open source and free. You can also find free templates on line as well. Both MovableType and Wordpress would require some hosting.

The Spirit Guide, is run off of Like blogger it is a free service, but has some limitations. You can only us the templates that they provided. There is some customization ability for your non-content columns.

It's not an easy choice. I recommend stepping back and figuring out what you want the site to be, then look for the right solution.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


Sojourner said...

Thank you, Terry. I appreciate your response and will look into the options that you suggested.