Thursday, May 18, 2006

Letting Go

As I was driving home from a friend's house last night, I realized that there was a guy that was right on my tail and he just wouldn't back off. My first reaction was to get angry, thinking to myself "Whats this guy's problem?" The more I thought about it, the more anxious I became.

After a few minutes, my mind wandered a bit (with part of my attention still on the guy behind me) and I started to think about the transpersonal psych class I had just finished and the subject of letting go. It wasn't about ignoring the situation at hand; it was about acknowledging it, not letting it affect you and then letting go and moving on.

I decided to try to apply the idea of letting to the current situation. I started by acknowledging the situation and my feelings (anger and being anxious that something was going to go wrong), deciding that it wasn't worth it to worry about (but still being aware of the situation), and then let it go. I was surprised that it worked so quickly for me!

I think that is a new way to relieve the stress in my life and realize that I don't have to react to everything, especially things that are out of my control. I need to learn to acknowledge the situation and learn to move on and not let little things like this affect me so much.

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