Friday, January 13, 2006

Vote For Me!

Once again, proving to me that Minnesota will produce the strangest political candidates, I would like to introduce you to my state’s newest gubernatorial candidate. Nicknamed the “Impaler,” Jonathon Sharkey has chosen today, Friday the 13th, to announce that he is running for office as the self proclaimed leader of the "Vampyres, Witches and Pagans Party."

Although he does list more conventional policy issues on his website, he is far from conventional when he will push for execution of terrorists, rapists, drug dealers, child abusers, repeat drunken drivers and anybody who preys on the elderly by impalement in front of the State Capitol.

Oh, and don’t think that you non-Minnesotans have been spared because he is also has announced that he is a 2008 presidential candidate as well. Now come on, Johnny Boy, if you really want to be taken seriously, stick to your little groupies. (btw – this isn’t the first time that someone claiming to be a vampire has run for office. Check out this article at Witch’s Voice.

Now, usually I would just laugh this off as another former wrestler (yes, people he is *multi-talented*) trying to go for the shock factor of the abnormal, but it makes me mad that he is using the whole "Vampyres, Witches and Pagans Party" title to gain that shock factor. Now this is just going to fuel the fire of straight laced people to say “A-ha! This is exactly the reason why Pagans shouldn’t be allowed……” What’s so Pagan about him pretending to be a “vampyre” and sinking his teeth into his wife’s neck? What’s so Pagan about his completely off the wall view of capital punishment?

All I can say is: Dude - get with reality.

Here are some websites to check out for more information:

His personal website

Star Tribune Article


Catherine Vocalist said...

Bollocks, just what we need. More negative publicity brought about by a "supposed" vampire.

Red Witch said...

The problem with his getting with reality is that he is a wrestler. The entire concept of reality has escaped him from birth!

*shakes head* Whadda we gonna do with people like this? :-)

Red Witch said...

BTW -- your link to his website has too much info on it. This will get you to it:

Sojourner said...

Thanks for letting me know!