Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pagan Podcasts

I made mention of Pagan podcasts a few months back as I had been listening to a couple of them. After a few episodes, I basically stopped listening to them and forgot about them soon after. One of my main reasons that I stopped is that for some reason I couldn't get them to download to my computer to save them to listen to later and it was a pain to have to be connected to the internet to listen to them. (I don't have a mp3 player.)

I saw a mention of podcasts on a site and decided to see how the world of Pagan podcasts were doing. It seems that there has been quite an explosion of new podcast in the last 6 months. Althought I have not listened to all of them (yet), I thought I would give you a list of them and where you find the downloads to listen to the shows.

A Closet Pagan Podcast
deos Shadow
Fluffy Free Podcast
Lance and Graal
Lamykas Wiccan Podcast
Lycian Wicca Podcast
Thelema Coast to Coast
Pagan Living
Wicked Podcast

If you know of any others that are worth checking out, please let me know.


Catherine Vocalist said...

Ohhh cool, podcasts. I know relatively nothing about them but I will definitely check them out.

Sojourner said...

Some are well thought out, some are crap.

Try Lance and Graal first. It's one of the longer running (5 months or so) podcasts. The next one I would like to check out is deos Shadow as it was very highly rated on a podcast website.

How's Cali been treating you, Catherine? (I'm so used to your other name!lol)