Friday, October 28, 2005

An Interesting Take

Here is an interesting take on Paganism - Jewish Paganism. The person that owns the site says she is culturally Jewish, but currently follows a Pagan path (Thelema). This site is not very complete at this time, but there are lots of other links to check out to learn more about this path of the Jewish Witch.

I find it interesting, and very refreshing, that this person takes her culture into consideration when choosing what to include in her take on Paganism. Another site, Jewitchery, has a few articles. While explaining her beliefs, she had this to say:

I have never stopped being a Jew. That's simply who I am. It's my family,my tribe, my people. I don't always agree with them and sometime I want to smack a few upside the head (oh, to get my hands on Netanyahu, that schmuck!), but they're still my family, for better or for worse.

I incorporate the tools of my family into my practice (the kiddush cup,the menorah, the braided candle, the candle sticks, the spice box, the hand ofGod...). I have a fondness for challah. I have my own beautiful white laceprayer shawl and an embroidered yamulkah. I re-recognize and encompass Shabbat every week, invoking her as Goddess - Bride, Queen and the state of Rest. I find pleasure and power in the contemplation of words and their hidden meanings. I'm slightly (ahem)opinionated and enjoy the magick of the mind.

Again, I like how she has incorporated her beliefs of her "family, tribe, and people." I like the sense of background or ties that this seems to create. In other words, she has a reason for her system and is following the path that makes sense to her.

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