Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Today is the day which most Neo-Pagans celebrate the holiday called Mabon. To those of you who are Pagan, I wish you a joyous Mabon. To those who are not Pagan, welcome to the first day of fall.

This day is traditionally thought of as a time of the second harvest (the first being at the beginning of August). Very similar to Thanksgiving Day, Mabon is a also a celebration of abundance and balance of life and death. Mabon is also called Fall Equinox and Second Harvest. Today, we have equal hours of sunlight and darkness.

While looking at websites, I found the following Mabon activity for those that are of the arts & crafts inclination. I think I may try this for decorating my alter for fall. Thanks to Witchcraft Dawning! for the write up on Mabon, including the ideas for Mavon activites.

....the changing leaves can be dipped in paraffin and put on wax paper. After the leaves dry, they may be placed around the house or in large jars with sigils of protection and/or abundance carved lightly into them.

I read that some think that this is a risky time for magic. Also, it is said that one should hold off on making any big decisions for a couple of weeks before the equinox.

Some Assocciations with Mabon

Colors - brown, gold, maroon
Symbols - grapes, wine, horn of plenty, garland
Foods - grains, grapes, nuts, apples, pomegranates
Drink - Ale, wine, cider
Deities - Wine Gods such as Dionysus and Bacchus, Mother aspect of the triple goddess, Modron


Witchcraft Dawning!


Catherine Vocalist said...

I really wish I had some good pagan friends here in NY to celebrate these holidays with. Celebrating Mabon with wine gods such as Dionysus and Baccus always promises lots of fun and revelry.

Happy Mabon! :)

TurtleHeart said...

Blessed Harvesttide to you!

Sojourner said...

The wine gods - gotta love 'um!

Even though I am not Pagan, I would love to participate in a holiday celebration with a group at least once. There is a bit of difficulty though, as I also don't know any groups in my area. (I know they are here somewhere though.)

I hope you both had a wonderful holiday.