Monday, August 29, 2005

Book Meme

I've been tagged by Turtleheart at Turtleheart Cove for this book meme. My first tag! Thanks Turtleheart!

What is the total number of books you own?

At last count I had over two thousand. I did get rid of some (100+) about a year ago when I moved half way across the country; It was just too difficult to part with more than that. I have one wall in my apartment dedicated to bookshelfs. A very long wall.

What was the last book you bought?

As I am in school for psychology and start classes just after labor day, I just bought my textbooks. Subjects include: Child development, abnormal psych, history of psych, research development, personality development. 7 books in all. $700. How am I going to survive 8 more years of this?!? LOL

Oh, and a small book of music for a globe flute which I bought at the MN Renaissance Festival yesterday. Gotta have something fun.

What was the last book you read?

Textbook - Psychology: The essence of a science by Bruce Hinrichs. Getting ready for school again.

Non textbook - The Lives of Christopher Chant by Diana Wynne Jones and Why I am not a Christian by Bertrand Russell.

List five books that have been meaningful to you.

I love young adult fiction, so many on my list are of that genre.

1. Coraline by Neil Gaiman. This book is read a few different ways depending on who is reading it, adult or child. Adults see it as a child in danger, kids see it as an adventure. A little creepy. A very good book.

2. Mieko and the Fifth Treasure by Eleanor Coerr. This is the story of a little girl caught up in the bombing of Nagasaki and how she deals with her disability that was a result of the bomb. One of the books that I read when I am feeling a little down as it always makes me feel better.

3. SuperFoods RX by Steven G. Pratt and Kathy Matthews. This book changed how I eat. Even within healthy foods, some have more health benefits and this book outlines those "superfoods". Great source of information regarding nutrients.

4. America's New Democracy. Although this is a text book, I have to include it, as it was one of the best books I have read that explains our system of government. It is unfortunate that many people in this country don't know how our government truely works and have many misconceptions of how it works. If people had a better idea of how it works, I don't think that the current administration would be getting away with what it is currently doing.

5. The Dark is Rising Series by Susan Cooper. This is five books really, but I had to include it. Typical good vs. evil storyline; very well written. Over Sea, Under Stone is the first book of the series.

I don't know who to tag, as I am just getting to know those of you that read my blog. So feel free to answer these questions yourself and leave a link in the comments to your answers.


TurtleHeart said...

Kewl, thanks for playing along! I love to see what people are reading.

I could've helped you out with psych textbooks, I still have all of mine... oh wait, they're over 10 years old... nevermind ;-)

Sojourner said...

The funny thing with textbooks is that the information hasn't changed much, but the publishers insist on a new edition because they "say" it has. Bastards. They just want to sell more books and the way to do so is to say the information has changed.