Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wiccan/Pagan History Links

Some people out there have already written about the histories of modern Pagan religions better than I ever could. So instead of rehashing what they wrote, I will let you read it directly. Some of these accounts of Pagan/Wiccan history are bit more truthful than most Wiccans would be themselves if they were writing them. I have included some of what I like to call "fluffy bunny" sites as well for perpective. I think you will be able to figure out which is which without me pointing them out.

I know there is a lot to read, but reading many accounts is the way to understanding both how people preceive the history and what is fact.

A Secret History of Modern Witchcraft by T. Allen Greenfield
History of Wicca by Religious Tolerance.org
Gerald Gardner
Another History by Janet Farrar
Why History is Important by Catherine Noble

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