Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I Am Noticing….

I am noticing a few things this past week about what I am posting. I started this blog with the intention of talking about Paganism, of which there are many different religions. I realize that the last few posts have been focusing on Wicca, only one of many Pagan religions. I had not mentioned that I was going to concentrate on any specific religion; had not planned on it, truthfully. That’s just the way these things go sometimes. I am going to continue exploring the path of Wicca until I decide to move on to a different Pagan religion.

The reason, I am guessing, that I started to focus on Wicca is that I am finding that this is the religion that pops up the most when I do my internet searches on paganism, whether I am looking for Wicca or not.

As for what I think about what I am finding:

One thing that I find interesting is the amount of sites that have nonsensical information that they are tying into their religion. I am talking about the dragons, fairies, and elves that I see plastered on some sites. I find it funny, and have to admit that I can’t take their sites seriously. It also makes me view other, more serious sites with a skewed outlook, as I keep seeing this kind of stuff time and again and it seems to be fairly accepted within the Wiccan community.

Another thing that had me wondering about the Wiccan religion was one person said (on their website) something to the affect of they were involved in this religion because they want to be different and unusual. That is not a reason to choose a religion. People, please have a better reason for why you are involved in a religion. Something you might want to think about before you post on the internet: If you think it is unusual, what does this say to other people who are looking at Wicca from your point of view based on what you putting on your website?

I have also been reading about general topics that effect most religions, including major religions. These topics include things like why we need religion, priesthood/clergy, rituals/habits, among other things. I will include some these topics later, as I have more time.

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