Friday, June 24, 2005

Links Added

I have added some links to both Pagan blogs and websites on my sidebar. I have been searching the web, as I have time, for other pagan blogs and I am realizing that it is a difficult process to find them. Not many will come up in a search engine and many of the ones listed in blog directories seem to be of the teenage/goth/fluffy bunny type or are no longer available. I know there are other ones that are others out there that are great sites, it’s just a matter of finding them.

If you know of some other sites I should check out or link to, please email with the site name and link. I am always looking for new sites to check out.

I am almost finished with my stats class (6 more days!) and will start posting articles other than Wiccan Texts soon.

Welcome to those that are linking here through Following Flidais! I hope you will continue to come back and look forward to receiving any feedback or comments that you leave.


TurtleHeart said...

Merry Meet! I, too, am always looking for new, interesting pagan blogs; found yours thru Wiccan Woods... always love to have visitors at my blog, hope to see you around!

BTW, good luck with the rest of your stats class! Looking forward to your articles.

Sojourner said...

Thank you for wishing me luck. I'm going to need it! Good thing I have a great teacher.

Thanks for stopping by and I will look at your blog when I have a chance.

Niobium said...

I found you through Pandoraz Boxx. Great page.