Saturday, June 25, 2005

Blog Link - Urban Pagans

Here is a post of interest regarding urban paganism on a blog called Numenous Thoughts.

Although I don't agree with everything stated, I still think that the author makes a very interesting point - one that many Pagans often ignore. Life is all around us whether it is in the form of nature or in a city of pavement and asphalt.

I have added the books mentioned to my list and may even post more about the subject at a later date.

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Rubicon said...

If you want strip away all the fluffy bunny nonsense that most "wiccan" writers sell then you should read:

Heart of Wicca by Ellen Cannon Reed (deceased).

Elements of Ritual by Deborah Lipp (blog)

and most important read these two websites because Wicca isn't all that it seems.

Wicca for the Rest of Us by Catherine Noble

Gerald Gardner: History of Wicca by Morgan Davis