Sunday, May 02, 2010

Heart of the Beast

What's in store for today's May Day parade and festival in Minneapolis? I'm looking forward to finding out. While the "theme" is known (it is dealing with the Census), it's a matter of how it will be presented. And I love the way that the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre goes all out and really puts together a fantastic production year after year. This year's theme delves into questions that are not asked on the census such as "What if all the trees, beetles, fishes, the waters, worms and raccoons were counted?" and "What if we asked each other questions toward our wellbeing?"

The days events start with a parade through the streets of Minneapolis leading up to Powderhorn Park. Next will be the Tree of Life Ceremony and the Festival.

Will you be in Powerhorn Park this afternoon? Do you have another May Day Festival that you will be at?

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