Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Night Of Remembrance

Since starting this blog, the night of October 31st has become much more meaningful to me than it had been before. Sure, I knew about the secular meaning (from being an avid trick-or-treater back in the day) and some of the religious connotations (from my interest in various religions), and I have also learned a lot from what other Pagan bloggers have had to say regarding what the day means to them in both a personal and religious sense.

But even though I understood what had been written about and discussed, I now realize that I didn't have a full grasp on the feeling behind the day.

This year is different.

I will now know have an understanding of Samhain as a night of remembrance. There are three people that have been heavy on my mind this year. Within two weeks of returning from England and Germany, three people within my circles of family and friends passed away.

  • One, a friend's child, a long awaited pregnancy. While we had not met the child yet to come, we felt the loss within my circle of friends. We all grieved with the parents and tried to support them in their time of need.
  • Another, a second friend's child, who had been struggling with health issues since birth. It was both a day of sadness and of relief (as we kept in mind that the child would no longer be suffering).
  • The last, a close relative, who had lived a long life and was the only one left of her generation within our family. Her smiling face and sassy quips will be missed as the holiday season comes closer.

These are the three people that I will keep in mind this coming Samhain night. These are the three people to whom candles will be lit in remembrance. These are three people who will serve as reminders of what is important to me.


Erik said...

Welcome back!

I'm sorry for your losses; that's one of the less fun aspects of living - the more you do it, the more people you leave behind...

R.E. said...

I too have a deeper and more profound understanding of Samhain this year. We are also planning on remember our loved ones in ritual. In fact, when I was planning the ritual, I got tears in my eyes remembering. I suspect sharing the memories will be powerful.

Have a blessed Samhain and even brighter blessings as the Wheel turns.

Morninghawk Apollo said...

I'm sure it is very difficult to lose a child or to be close to someone who has. May the Gods give you strength during this time of remembrance.

S. Nichole said...

Thanks, everybody, for the comments.