Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pagan Blogs 4.18.07

Here are a few of my favorite blog posts from the last week or so:

I recently ran across a new Heathen blog, The Northern Path, that has so far concentrated on news relating to Heathenry in Sweden. This news includes an article regarding the Swedish Government's recognition of a Heathen group as a religious organization.

Speaking of Heathens, one that has been MIA for awhile has resurfaced after some recent health issues. Welcome back, Bernulf!

Kay, from Songs of Unforgetting, recently discovered the concept of Interdependent Origination while reading about Buddhism.

Both Jaspenelle and Jason posted about the shooting at VA Tech, while Chas talks about the shootings from the perspective of a professor. I have not posted these past couple of days as I have been contacting those I know who either go to the school or work there to make sure they (and their families) are okay. Thank the gods, they are.

Jeff at Druid Journal, has been talking about how to determine the meaning of your name. While I've read the article, I haven't worked through my name yet. I plan to print out the article and work on it during my trip.

Paul at Evoking the Goddess mentioned that Blackthorn is currently blooming in his area of the UK and says that he is looking forward to the Hawthorn. I can hardly wait to see it myself when I make the journey to England next week.

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