Thursday, March 08, 2007

Longing For Spring

We often don't notice the little things around us. Have you ever stopped to look at and take in all the detail of a leaf? The patterns of the veins of the leaf; The browning around the edge of the blade; The holes from insects taking a bite to eat; The color of the midrib of the blade (in this case, red); The length of the petiole (or stem); The grouping of the leaves; When the leaves bud in the spring; When it starts to change color in the fall.

By sometime in April or May, the buds will start to appear on the trees in Minnesota. I love to go walking through the woods at this time. It is a time when everything seems to be waking up: The birds coming back from their wintering locations; The leaves start to turn the landscape different shades of green; The winter snow melting and finding is way to various lakes by way of temporary streams.

However, this year, I won't get to experience this event that I look forward to every year in Minnesota. Why? I'm not going to be here. I'm going to Europe. I get to experience spring time from a different area of the world this year. What is it like in England and Wales during April and May? What is it like in Germany? I will soon be finding out.

Photo Copyright © 2006 S. Nichole.


Kay said...

I'm a little envious that you're going to Europe. ;-) I wonder if I'd fit in a suitcase? You could smuggle me with you. Heh.

I also hope you find a minute to blog about your adventures as they unfold. Do you have a laptop?

I was thinking yesterday that I'd like to take a picture of the willow tree in my yard, perhaps every other day, until it is in full leafage. Time lapsed spring.

Erik said...

Kay is a little envious... I'm a LOT envious! :)

I can tell you this much - I was in Wales on June 30th, 1999, and I was wearing a sweater because it was about 45 F and drizzling. Of course, the next week I was in London and it was in the low 80s (F again). In the southern UK there is a significant difference in temp and rainfall depending on which side of the Devonshire moors you're on.

Never been to Germany, though.

Sojourner said...

Beleive me, everybody, this was a spur of the moment decision! I bought my plane ticket and then realized I didn't even have my passport, so I had to run out and apply for it.

Well, Kay, you would be the only thing in the suitcase, as I'm not taking one! I'm only taking a carry-on bag (Granite Gear Vapor Trail) with very few clothes and a few books (of course!) and not much else. :)

I do have a laptop, but it is too heavy to bring. Besides, I've been scoping out the "cheap" internet places in both countries, so I should be able to post a little. And of course, I will try to posts a few pictures.

Erik - Thanks for the weather advice. Even though I am bringing little, I am making sure to bring a jacket and a sweater, as I am guessing that it will be quite chilly at the beginning of the trip.

Thanks for the comments!

Paul said...

Spring can be very beautiful in England and Wales. May Brighid bless you as you explore Her isles. Do enjoy your visit here :) You will be in time to enjoy the beauty and heady fragrance of our Hawthorn.

I am going the opposite way with my first visit to the USA in May touring New England.

Sojourner said...

Thanks for stopping by, Paul!

I am looking forward to what will be my first visit to England (and Germany, too). I hope you enjoy your trip to New England!