Monday, February 26, 2007

Pagan Blogs 2.26.07

Looking through my regular round of blogs, I've noticed that there are quite a few posts regarding religious inquiry and reflection. Some have a bit of confusion mixed with frustration; some are filled with wonder at what is happening; some talk about their new "discoveries" and others talk about modern Paganism "growing up."

Kay at Songs of Unforgetting has been visited by a deity that seems to want to make her presence known.

Jenavira from Essais has been wondering if she is heading down the right path after a night of insomnia.

I have recently "discovered" Heathenry and learned about the concept of wyrd. (And have been holding back and trying not to turn this blog into a Heathen blog.)

After Pantheacon, Deborah Oak of Roots Down talks about how Pagans are maturing.

Colorado Celt, in a conversation with his wife at a restaurant, agrees that Pagans are growing up but that they need to stop bashing other religions. (And I wholeheartedly agree!) He soon begins to wonder what the guy at the next table is writing down as he eavesdrops on the conversation.

And because of my own searching, I have been delving deeper into Jeff Lilly's series on how to choose your religion, which I highly recommend.

1 Intro
2 Definition of Religion
3 Summary
4 Why Be Religious?
5 Common Pitfalls: Community, Fear
6 The Search For Truth
7 Languages of Spirit
8 Old Religions, New Religions

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