Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Witches Weekly

While I've known about Witches Weekly for a while, none of the questions were ever something that I felt a need to answer. One of the questions from back in September, however, caught my eye and I would like to answer it:

What is one thing relating to your spiritual path that you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t due to lack of money, time, etc. (Examples could be….creating your own altar room, going to visit a historical monument related to your spirituality, etc).

While there is not a monument that I feel relates to my spirituality and I have no need for a separate room for an altar (I think that altars need to be incorporated into your everyday life, not set aside), there is something that I have wanted to do relating to my spiritual path. I would love to take a year or two to just study religion and not do anything else - not work, not school - just time to take my study seriously.

I feel that I don't have the time to look into the complexities of religion. What most of us "see" of religion is surface aspects - the ritual, the words, the movements. While they are definitely elements that catch our attention and we tend to focus on them, there is also another aspect of religion that people don't seem to mention as often - the underlying symbolism that accompanies religion but doesn't get talked about that often. It is difficult to get to an understanding at a deeper level, which is what I feel I lack at the moment.

A part of this, of course, would be the reading aspect. You can not study religion without reading a lot. I love to read, but here is the problem that I am running into: I do not have enough time or money to support my reading habit. While yes, there are libraries that I could check out books from, most libraries do not have a wide selection when it comes to the genre of books that I would like to read. Plus, I like to be able to quickly reference the books that I have read when I need to and that means that they should be on my shelves.

I believe that one of the reasons why I have remained a seeker is due to this lack of time to truly study the subject matter in depth. I believe that before I commit myself to any particular religion, I have to make an effort to know as much as I can about it.


ivymoon said...

You and me, both! I plan to attend university in the next couple of years, and though I've decided on a BA in English and Medieval Studies, religion would be the choice I'd make if I didn't need a career. :)

Bernulf said...

A seminary of sorts would be a nice thing, indeed...I certainly understand your desire to not just read and have books, but to have the time to focus strictly on religious and spiritual development.

Your post raises a question, though: since you believe that the altar should not be set aside, that it should be a part of everyday life, is it possible that this could apply to your spiritual development, as well?

Sojourner said...

Good Luck as you enter university, Ivymoon!

Bjorn - I guess I wasn't really talking about a seminary, although that would be nice.

I do think that spiritual development should be a part of everyday life as well but it sometimes can be difficult to add it to an already busy day. This is what is happening to me.

As I finish with school, I'm going to start incorporating more time in my schedule to be able to have that study time.