Friday, August 25, 2006


I can't sleep. Why? I'm tornado watching.

While there has not been any touch downs yet (in my area at least; there have been about 20 reported from this storm cell as of 7:35pm), there have been a few clouds that are rotating and small peaks that are occasionally coming down from the clouds and going back up. Yikes.

I've already been through two in my life. Please, Gods, don't make this a third.


Penguin said...

Ah, yes, saw all the weather flashes on TV last night. You are fine now, right?

Be Well!

Bernulf said...

I hope all went well - 20 out of a single cell is one impressive storm - I hope that you or yours didn't get caught up in it all.

Sojourner said...

Yep - I'm a little tired from the long night, but I'm okay.

I was still on my way home from my vacation. I ended up getting a hotel room for the night even though I was only about two hours from home and would have had plenty of time to get there. Better to be safe than sorry as I would have had to go through two other storms, one of which was producing most of the tornadoes.

Around midnight, the wind picked up outside the hotel and started to sound like the "train" that you typically hear about. I looked out the window of my room, and with the flashes of lightning, I saw the clouds turning and funnels forming. None touched the ground where I was, though.

Hrafnkell said...

I remember my Minnesota days and tornado watching. Haven't had to do much of that since then. I can remember only a couple threats since I've been in Indiana. I'm glad all turned out well for you. I think sometimes people don't realize quite how scary and dangerous a tornado can be.

Sojourner said...

I agree, Hrafnkell.

That night at the hotel, someone decided that they really needed something from their car and took their young daughter out with them to grab it. He had the attitude of "We'll have enough time to get back inside if one of the funnels does hit the ground."

I took it to mean that he had not been near one before. There were several people that tried to convince him that he shouldn't go outside. He did anyway. Just plain stupid.

Sujatin said...

Hang on tight!

Sojourner said...