Friday, August 11, 2006

Guest Blogger: Nixie

Introducing our second guest blogger: Nixie from Boston, MA! In her own words:

I am an urban witch living in Boston. It's challenging to practice an earth-based religion when most of the earth around belongs to someone else. I'm considering putting some really large pots on my fire escape. Imagine what the neighbors will think if I decide to hold skyclad rituals out there! While I appreciate the beauty of formal ritual, in my daily practice I see myself more as a green witch and my goal is to find a way to make folk magick a part of my everyday life.

After many years of considering myself agnostic, I realized that my spiritual inclinations were Pagan a few years ago when I started to read tarot and to learn a lot about goddess religions. Within the last two years I have begun formal study with Christopher Penczak and am a recently initiated Wiccan Priestess. My family is descended from the Dalriadan Scots and the Pictish royal house of Fortrenn, so by heredity my pantheon is Celtic.

Christopher Penczak's tradition calls upon the witch to serve her community. To that end I have decided to pursue a professional path that has interested me for a long time - Depth Psychology. My plan is to build a clinical practice using the tarot and astrology as diagnostic and therapeutic tools and my hope is that I can provide counseling services to those in the Pagan community who may not find traditional therapists terribly sympathetic to their spiritual beliefs. I also would like to create some scholarly work on the subject of modern Wicca and its place among religious history and comparative theology and to collaborate with an illustrator friend to create my own tarot deck.

I would like to thank Nixie for agreeing to be a guest blogger. If you would like to see some of Nixie's writing, check out her blog, Blogickal.


Steph said...

wow, another guest blogger! (and another descendant of Dalriadan Scots and house of Fortrenn to boot! heh!) Looking forward to your entries.

Sojourner said...

Steph - I didn't want my blog to be without posts for the next week but I wanted to do something different, also.

I had always wanted to do a sort of interfaith discussion/comparision and thought that this would be a great opportunity.

If this works out, I may do it again in the future. So if anybody is interested in participating in the future, please email me to let me know! This invitation goes out to all faiths/paths.