Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Astrologers Beware

Your worst nightmare is about to come true: we get three more planets in our Solar System by the end of the month! Xena, Charon and Ceres will be added, if the new definition for planets is upheld on 24. August. While this will present all sorts of new possibilities for you astrology-buffs out there, I'm hoping that at least some definition of planet will be upheld - with our increasing ability to detect things in space, we need to be able to know what it is we are detecting.

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*This article was posted by Bjorn of Expanding Inward while he was a guest blogger here. When I switched over to the new Blogger system on 9/12/06, the byline was changed by Blogger. I want to give credit where credit is due.


Sojourner said...

Any astrologers know how this could effect your readings?

I admit that I don't know anything about astrology.

Samhains said...

Well we all knew we were right on Planet X..but 2 more you say :) interesting...very interesting...(sinister laugh)

It is going to poss quite a canundrum for the Astro boys :)

Wouldn't it be great if we found out in like 5 thousand years from now that everything DOES revolve around US and we ARE the center of the universe. :)
Then I could tell every exgirl friend that yes I do think the world revolves around me...

Samhains said...

OH yes Planet X - Niburu is what I believe they are going to call it, not Xena, Planet X or Niburu is Govenor over a School of Magick...The School of Mysticism.

Others may tell you more...