Saturday, July 01, 2006

Witch School?

Wouldn't it be nice if there was place you can go to when you don't know any other Pagans in your community? Where information about Witchcraft could be found all in one place? Where you could take classes and get the supplies you need for you magic? Then try The Witch School!

Located in Illinois, you can now visit the campus 6 days a week from 11 am to 6 pm. Have a look at their campus information and class offerings. They also have a store where you can buy any supplies that you need.

There have been other schools that have been created that offer Witchcraft or Wicca classes to the public, but you will never find me signing up for one of them. These types of schools seem to be out to get your money instead of for the purpose they seem to claim, which would be to inspire you to go further in your studies in Paganism. Check out Cosette's experience with one of these schools.

I'm a leery about this one, I have to admit. Some of my red flags about this particular school are that there are tons of grammatical errors right on the information pages, the full prices to attend the school are not posted and the Childish Habit of Weird Capitalizations. These things make the whole site look unprofessional.

Link to Witch School found via Lofi Tribe.


Autumn said...

I've had a memebership in witchschool for two years now. I've accually learned quite a bit of interesting things from the classes I have taken. I probably could have learned the same things plus some from books or across the web, but I got in when them membership was something like twenty bucks a year, I can go when I want, stay as long as I like and read at my own pace. Beats the hell out of barnes and noble who charge me an average of that much per book.
As far as the professional I would advise everyone to make there own choice and check this school carefully for there needs.

Sojourner said...

Good point, Autumn. Everyone does need to make their own choice in regards to if it meets their needs. I can see how this kind of thing would be an attractive option for people who do not know anyone else, because of the price of books and those who want to read at their own pace.

I think I need to clarify; I am not against this type of school, I just have problems with how they have presented themselves. It ties into the professionalism issue I mentioned.

What I meant by professionalism is that I usually don't trust a group that produces something (a mailing, an email, a website) that has that many mistakes such as the ones listed. It makes it look as they don't care enough to do a simple thing such using a spellchecker.

If they can't do that, why should I give them my credit card number? To my mind, this group does not show the ability to be careful with my personal information because of the simple things that they could fix but don't. In this day and age of identity theft, you have to be careful.

Chell said...

I had signed up last year, then just had no time to even visit the site much, let alone learn anything. So shame on me- tsk tsk. But from personal experience, they seem to be trustworthy in business dealings. And they used PayPal then, which is secure for credit card info. I get leery of online "schools" too, but not just 'cause of their presentation (yep, that site needs polishing). Somehow it feels better to work with actual physical learning materials, like books, and to have the option to work one on one at times with a human being. What's great about Witch School is their expansion into the bricks n' mortar world. So there is a true community through the school, as well as their testing the waters in a larger community. It's important to dig deeply for information on any school or group before joining.

Sojourner said...

It is good to here that they seem to be trustworthy. While I may be changing my opinion of them (slightly)based on both of you, I would still have a difficult time using this type of service.

Thanks for letting me know what your experience has been like with them.