Friday, July 28, 2006

What Pagans Are Saying

Inanna of At The End of Desire reports from Starwood and admits that she is a workshop workshop junkie. She is also thinking about posting a big sign at next year's Starwood:

I would like to find more people to engage with intellectually at Starwood, but that hasn't happened for me yet. Maybe next year I should put up a sign: "Smart, idea-hungry Pagans who want to talk spirituality meet at my camp in the Dark Moor...."

Jaspenelle at The Painted Dragonfly asks everyone to help define what a Witch is. She also talks about the "I'm better than thou" complex that some Pagan have:
I don’t understand people who assume anyone who does not practice their brand of “magic” are somehow inferior.

Nixie at Blogickal has a proposal for all Witches based on an idea from a phsyics Professor in Switzerland:
What I propose is this: On an upcoming Dark Moon (which is one of the best times for banishing spells) we coordinate as many witches across the country as possible to simultaneously perform a spell to remove George Bush from office.

Is the sky falling? Hrafnkell of A Heathen's Day says Christians are playing at Chicken Little and he's getting a bit bored:
Christians are always convinced the end is near. They always have been. There have been more false alarms in this regard than I have fingers and toes.

Niobium at Solidly Average has posted a picture that makes me wish I still lived in the mountains.


Niobium said...

Thanks for the shout out Sojourner.

Sojourner said...

I enjoy the pictures that you post.

Penguin said...

The more I read about Witches, the more I find that we have just as many looneys. My brand and spelling of magic is no better or worse than someone elses. That is one of the reasons I became Wiccan.

I am still laughing at the thought of the banishing spell. I may just sign up for that!

Sojourner said...

:) Well, the banishing spell has of good of chance as any to work.

I base this on something that was mentioned in one of my psychology classes this past spring. It had been mentioned that a large number of people had decided to bring the crime rate down in the city of DC by using meditation. According to the instructor, the crime rate did go down. (But I will be the first one to say that correlation does not equal causation, so there could have been many factors that influenced the outcome.)

I don't have any references to that event, so I can't tell you if it truly happened. I will try to find some information about that and try to post it later.

Niobium said...

Well, ya, if everyone stayed home and meditated, the crimes outside the house would've gone down.

But that's too easy.

(I post lots of pictures of the area. Keep coming back).

Sojourner said...

Niobium -
It wasn't just people staying home and meditating. People from around the world came to meditate in the major city parks. From what I understand, there were not many people who were from DC themselves.

(I definately will!)

Autumn said...

Thought you might like to see what has been happening over at my blog..I made the mistake of signing up for a Tour of Homes..and got slammed with negitive comments because I stated I had studied Wicca/Paganism...In anger I deleted some of them and wish I had kept them, but I have made several post about it in case your interested.

Sojourner said...

I stopped over last night and saw what was going on. I'm sorry that it is happening to you.

About the deleted comments - For the next time you feel like deleting, you'll remember not to until you're sure you want to or you feel there is a need to do so. I make it a practice to never delete comments even if I don't agree with the poster. The only comments I will ever delete is spam or if someone is so completely rude that it disturbs me or the people who read this blog.

Penguin said...

Autumn, I will check out your blog, too. I love photos - that's what my blog is about.

As for comments, I have yet to receive one that bashes me for my Pagan beliefs. However, I did receive one that was a blatant personal attack on me. Yes, by someone I know. I did not publish the comment because it had no business being on my blog.

I guess because I don't get negative comments, I don't know what I would do with them.

As for group meditation, I agree - if you are home meditating, you won't be committing or be the victim of crime. I do think that with some relaxation and not trying to keep up with the neighbors, people wouldn't be as inclined to commit crimes. Just MHO

I wish you all well and happy comments :)

Niobium said...

A movie I was watching the other night talked about the decrease in crime due to the meditation. The movie is called What the Bleep Do We Know? Definately see it.

Sojourner said...

Thanks for the heads up!