Monday, July 17, 2006

The Daily Scribe

The Daily Scribe has officially been launched!

The Daily Scribe is place where you can find the best religions blogs on the web. I was deeply honored when Shawn Anthony, of LoFi Tribe, contacted me with an invitation to become a Scribe.

There are currently 28 bloggers representing many faiths, such as Christianity, Emergent Christianity, Unitarian Universalism, Judaism, Modern Paganism and Academics. Check out the Tradition Channels to find blogs that you would be interested in reading. To fully represent all paths, we are still in need of bloggers from the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist traditions. And a few more for the Modern Paganism category would be nice as well!

There are many things that are in the works for the future of The Daily Scribe community. Some of the upcoming features include podcasts, ping homilies, and some giveaways, as stated by C. Wess Daniels of Gathering In Light, another Scribe.

So if you like to be a part of this great community and think your blog would be a good fit, go on over to The Daily Scribe and apply.

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