Saturday, June 10, 2006


Now, to be honest, I think that there are much better sites out there regarding Wiccan or Pagan Paths. Although this site does have some good information, it tends to be very basic with no in-depth discussions going on. Not a bad site, just not what I'm usually looking for.

However, I did find an article that makes a good point regarding going past "Wicca 101." When moving on to more "advanced" subjects, why not delve into the individual subjects themselves? Some of the subjects that the author, Terri Paajanen, suggest are history, Gods/Goddesses, the Sabbats, and non-wiccan religions. Other subjects that I would have to add to this list are ritual, alters and ethics.

Care to add any other subjects to the list that you are especially interested in?


Cosette said...

Heck yes! How about The God, the Goddess, mysticism and meditation, shamanism, psychic development, magick and divination, ritual, healing, cycles of the moon, the sun, and the seasons, folklore and myth, history, science and cosmology, gender and sexuality, nature and ecology, kitchen witchery, the arts and personal creativity. I could go on and on.

Rubicon said...

Ayurveda, Yoga, Taoist philosophy, Vedic philosophy, herbology, physics, rune & tarot divination, environmentalism, charity work, sensuality, cooking, wine appreciation. Those are my topics above and beyond Wicca 101 :)

It's my opinion that you cannot go beyond Wicca 101 because once the foundation is in place (god/goddess, tools, law of return etc.) then advanced studies become more personalized, therefore more subjective. But that's the great thing though! minimal dogma, few rules and freedom to craft your own spiritual life.

Sojourner said...

Those are some impressive lists! They show that there are many ideas that can be incorporated into religious and spiritual practice, no matter the religion.

soleclaw said...

"advanced studies become more personalized, therefore more subjective," right on bluemilk! I tend to lean toward kitchen witchery, divination (via tarot) and meditation because I like to cook, I like imagery and insight, and I can always learn more about myself through meditation.

I find myself needing a review of "Wicca 101" every so often though. However, I always surprise myself how much I know of the craft by heart simply because I used to "practice" all the time. For instance, I would need to think for a moment before telling anyone which element goes with what direction, but in the act of ritual it comes naturally and reflexively, just like knowing which hand is left and which is right!