Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Letter From C.S. Lewis

A few days ago, the BBC had an article regarding a letter written to a then 10-year-old girl about the meaning behind a passage in The Silver Chair, one of the Chronicles of Narnia Books. Ann, now in her 50's, says that it may be the only thing written by C.S. Lewis comparing Aslan to Jesus.

I had just been talking to a friend of mine about how the Chronicles of Narnia series could be considered Christian allegory, so I found this short article interesting.

Thanks to Pandora's Bazaar for the link.


Cosette said...

Hey cool!

The Chronicles of Narnia is an allegory for Christianity yet Pagans LOVE it because it's so, well, pagan. Isn't that ironic?

Sojourner said...


Jenavira said...

I think one of the reasons Pagans love Narnia so much is that Lewis himself loved all that mythology so much. He doesn't use Pagan bits to be condescending at all, he uses them because he couldn't bear to leave them out. I was probably seventeen before I realized that the books I'd loved as a child were supposed to be Christian fiction, and even then I was confused by the Bacchinal at the end of Prince Caspian. ;)