Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pagan Artwork

I wasn't particularly looking for artwork of the Gods, but this artist (Thalia Took) caught my attention. I very much enjoy her artwork and I am going to consider buying some of the smaller posters. Unfortunatly, some of the Gods and Goddesses that I would like are not offered in the smaller prints. I think I will have to email Thalia and ask if they will be offered in that size. Another option might be to get the stickers (3"x5") and put them in frames.

These are some of my favorites:

The Green Man
Kwan Yin
Ceres (because her hair looks like dreads!)


MomEtc. said...

have you ever looked at jessica galbreth's work. I love the stuff.

Sojourner said...

No, I haven't. Thanks for letting me know about her. I will have to check out her work as well.