Friday, November 04, 2005


I usually don't post anything like this on the blog because it doesn't have anything to do with Paganism, but I thought it was important to spread this around the blogosphere.

If you have put any newer CDs in your computer lately that are produced by Sony, you may have a certain type of spyware on your computer.

Sony has admitted that they have been putting undetectable files, called stealth rootkits, on audio CDs that can track who has been downloading or copying music illegally if you put the CD in your computer. This would also record any CDs that you copy for your own use under the fair-use law. Even though Sony is saying otherwise, people from different companies have said that this rootkit could compromise security.

At the end of this article, is a web address that you can go to get an update, which will remove the rootkit from your computer. One problem I see with it is that it's on the Sony website and Sony will probably be monitoring who is using it.

Another problem I see is that if you ever put those CDs (or the copies for that matter) back into your computer, you will re-introduce this program to your computer. Who's to say that Sony will stop monitoring this program even if we, the public, know about it? They probably won't.

The article doesn't say whether or not that Sony will stop this practice of putting the rootkits on their CDs. My guess is that the reporters didn't even think to ask.

I know I will be careful of whose CDs I buy as a result of this. Sorry to Sony's artists, but I will probably not be buying your CDs anymore.


Catherine Vocalist said...

That is not right. I will not be buying any CDs by sony either. Damn, whatever happened to privacy?

Chimera said...

Merry Meet, Sojourner.

I think the world in general has gone snoop-crazy. I got this link a couple of weeks ago (although I didn't post it on my own blog):

Might have to copy/paste link into an address bar for it to work properly...

I'm not likely to have problems with Sony discs, since I don't like the sound on my computer, so I don't play discs. Still, I'm going to link this to my own site and pass the word along -- thanks!

Andy said...

You can download Sony artists from the Itunes music store. That is not an ideal solution either as Apple only gives you five "licenses" on the music. I put a song on my desktop, my laptop and my iPod and there go three licenses right there.

The real problem is that none of these corporate giants has accepted and adapted to the reality of how things work online. They don't get open source and they are hostile to the concept of content without pay.

Give them a few more years. They'll either get it and adapt or have lobbied enough governments to pass laws to keep us in the digital dark age for years to come.