Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sacred Spaces Revisited

Rubicon over at Othila has blogged about sacred spaces recently and I wanted to point out the post as I had also recently blogged about sacred spaces. A excerpt taken from the post at Othila:

Ritual and sacred space can be sensual and abundant without being harmful. We experience the world through our senses and when we create our alters with sensuous materials we heighten our awareness and increase the effectiveness of our magic or communion with the gods and the elements.

Also on this post, is a "non-hippie list of good things." I have to admit that this line struck me as funny because I am sometimes identified as being a "hippie" as I have dreads. The list looks as though it has some good reads regarding the topic of making a sacred space or a personal sanctuary.


Rubicon said...

I read your sacred spaces post and I agree that there certain spaces that feel more "divine" to each of us. Even though I have a perfectly good finished basement I loathe doing any ritual down there; I feel disconnected from nature when I'm down under the earth like that. Maybe it's a quirk!

I hope I didn't offend you with the "non-hippie list of good things"! I just want to show that not all witches survived the 60s or are teenagers but rather are modern (excuse the term) gen-exers. If that makes any sense.=}

Sojourner said...

No! you didn't offend me at all! I was amused by your distinction. And it does make sense.