Saturday, October 01, 2005

Goddess - Hera

With yesterday's article about the stautes that have been found, I wanted to find out more information on the Goddesses that were mentioned. Here is some information and links regarding Hera.

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Hera is seen as the goddess of the home and monogamy, and is believed to inspire love, loyalty, and happiness. Hera is also believed to inspire jealousy and ismost commonly worshipped by women. All sects that include the worship of Hera encourage monogamy and the fulfillment of domestic duties. Worship of Hera may include or inspire the collecting of fragrances and ornaments, extravagant home decoration, the burning of oils and incense (particularly within the home), and the spilling of drinks or the burning of bread and other foods as sacrifice.Some have jested that the most common form of worship is the spilling of drinks and the burning of food within the home.

This passage gives a good starting point of what Hera is about, but as always, there is more to this Goddess. The stories that we know as myth show a much richer history. Here are some well known stories of Hera that show more about her relationship and interaction with the other Greek Gods/Godesses and humans. Also included are links to some art work depicting Hera.

Goddess Worship
Hera in Art
Tales of Hera


Shawn Anthony said...

What a great blog! I'm glad I found you through my Technorati links. I am off to add your URL to my personal network (which is actually a fancy way to say blogroll, but it is much, much better!). I am a UU who absolutely supports his pagan brothers and sisters. I look forward to learning much from you and your blog.

PS> I do hope everything turned out well for you father.

Sojourner said...

I'm glad you like it! I like yours as well and will stop by often.