Friday, September 23, 2005

NYPaganChick on Authenticity

This is a short but sweet post over at the Naked Truth. I think she makes a very valid point.

This is something that I have struggled with, as it is difficult to follow your own path when everyone around you thinks you should be on a different one. It's too bad that people feel that they need to control others through social, religious, and political contructs.


Paul said...

To me, it's always seemed like that need to control, to convert, to be right, especially in religious/spiritual matters, must stem from an unacknowledged insecurity the person has about his or her beliefs.

I can't see any other real source for that compulsive need to covert others to one's own position.

Sojourner said...

That is a good point, Paul.

Something to think about regarding insecurity and conversion.