Sunday, September 11, 2005

Meme Answers

I am feeling better now. All it took was getting a few good nights of sleep, many naps, and a book or two to read. I'm still not up to a full blog entry however, so I am going to leave you with some links to the answers of the meme that I started.

Thank you to everyone that has partisipated so far! If you have not posted your answers, please feel free to do so, and make sure to tag others to keep it going!

Beatrice Petty/Courtney
Mama Moon


Scott said...

This Meme has traveled already and I found it at Barbara's Women on the Verge of thinking. Thanks, and glad to see other Pagan bloggers who are thinking..., here are my answers I posted.

1. Why do you choose the religion you embrace?

I am shamanic oriented in my religion, it is nature based, and not afraid to admit that sometimes the Universe is not Benign. So I call myself a Pagan, just so people have a concept of that natural base. Many fear the word Pagan, but to me it just means, Nature oriented and Not of the Big(3), Christian, Jewish, Muslim. (but I do have many Tibetian Buddhist belief systems)
I choose it because of the Gnosis I need in my religion, I must experience my spiritual self, and shamanism has allowed me a freedom and responsibility that i did not get with organized, or Avatar based type religions. I seek the connection myself with no in between party nessesary.

2. How religious are you? How often do you practice your religion?

Daily, I greet the rising sun, not in worship but in recongition that it feeds our planet, and solar system, and is our LIFE in this part of the galaxy. At noon I also commune, as at sunset and before sleep. It is a basic Four post polarity for the day,, similar to many traditions. At other times there is more but this is the basic theme each day.

3.Why is this religion the right one for you?
First it says Harm no living thing. Second Because it allows me to evolve into whatever happens next,,, I am very open to spiritual experience and adept at finding the similarities with others religions. For me, I want to be in a current that is totally Human, primal, I need a religion that taps into the atavistic realm, I need to be able to touch the Source myself.
I know that I am Divine, never have doubted it, and do not think that is prideful nor a human full of it. I am a Co Creator with the Divine, I can not shirk my responsiblity as such.

4. How does the practice of this religion improve your life or what benefit do you recieve from its practice?

It forces me to Grow. I cannot remain stagnant when one of the basic tenents of my belief system is that the only constant is Eternal Change.
Since I do not have an Anthropomorphic image of Deity, I am more free than most in my ability to do what I feel is nessesary for my own growth. I don't have to ask permission to experience the divine.

5. Are you spiritual as well as religious? or is one more prevalent than the other?

Linguistic tricks such as this question are best answered with the word, Mu.

TurtleHeart said...

Mmmm... a weekend of naps and books sounds good to me... Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

I did it. Thank you!
Check out my blog for the answers.

Sojourner said...

Thanks everyone who has posted their answers. It's always good to know how people view their religion and how they relate it into their lives.

Turtleheart - It was great except for the sick part! LOL

Scott - thanks for posting your answers. #5 cracked me up!

Barbara - I will check it out right now! Thanks for posting.

Inanna said...

I've posted my answers!